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Monday, April 28, 2014

SD Nizamia Andalusia Sumbangkan lebih dari 200 Buku ke Sekolah Guru Indonesia

Oleh: Annas Surdyanto

Sebagai upaya dalam meningkatkan kualitas pendidikan hingga ke seluruh pelosok Indonesia, SD Nizamia Andalusia kirimkan lebih dari 200 buku ke Sekolah Guru Indonesia (SGI) yang bertempat di Parung, Bogor pada Minggu 27 April 2014. Buku-buku yang didonasikan merupakan buku pelajaran dan buku cerita anak yang nantinya akan dikirim ke sekolah tertinggal di daerah Garut dan daerah tertinggal lain di Indonesia yang masuk ke dalam target program SGI.

Menurut Kepsek SD Nizamia Andalusia, Zahra Fajardini, donasi buku ini dilakukan karena buku merupakan syarat dalam meningkatkan kualitas pendidikan. Selain itu, buku juga berfungsi sebagai media silaturahim.

“Buku sebagai media ajar sudah seharusnya tersedia untuk optimalisasi kualitas belajar mengajar. Di balik guna buku sebagai media ajar, buku juga merupakan penjalin tali silaturahim. Pada dasarnya buku dan doa dapat saling mengikat tali persaudaraan. Dan sekolah sebagai institusi pendidikan menjadi motor terhadap konsep di atas”, ujarnya saat ditanya tentang pengiriman buku tersebut.

Beliau juga menambahkan, Keragaman sekolah di Indonesia pada aspek kualitas dan akses menjadi salah satu faktor yang memotivasi sekolah untuk berbagi buku pada sekolah lain.

“Heterogenitas sekolah di Indonesia dalam artian aksesabilitas dan kualitas mendorong SD Nizamia untuk dapat berkontribusi terhadap peningkatan mutu pendidikan lewat langkah sederhana tetapi konkret, yaitu donasi buku ke Sekolah Guru Indonesia,” ungkapnya.

Pada akhir pembicaraannya, beliau berharap langkah ini dapat menginspirasi sekolah lain dalam upaya meningkatkan kualitas pendidikan hingga ke seluruh pelosok Indonesia.

“Semoga sekolah lain juga dapat mengikuti langkah SD Nizamia dalam donasi buku untuk teman-teman di daerah sehingga dapat membantu pemerintah dalam peningkatan mutu pendidikan dimana ketersediaan buku merupakan hal yang utama. Karena bagaimanapun terselenggaranya pendidikan berkualitas bukan hanya tanggung jawab pemerintah. Tetapi juga tanggung jawab kita bersama sebagai bangsa Indonesia.”

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Putra dan putri kita adalah anugrah Allah swt yg tak ternilai harganya. Anak-anak sangat membutuhkan perlindungan dan bimbingan yang maksimal baik dari orangtua, keluarga maupun lingkungan sekolah tempat mereka menempuh pendidikan. Sekolah Nizamia Andalusia berusaha memberikan dan menciptakan lingkungan serta kegiatan belajar mengajar yang aman dan nyaman bagi anak-anak. Sehubungan dengan kasus pelecehan fisik yg terjadi di sebuah sekolah baru-baru ini, kami berusaha memberikan masukan dan tindakan preventif yang insya Allah dapat membantu para orangtua dalam mencegah pelecehan/kekerasan fisik terhadap anak-anak. Berikut ini adalah beberapa link yg dapat orangtua akses.  Semoga bermanfaat dan semoga Allah swt senantiasa melindungi keluarga kita dan tentunya anak-anak kita tercinta.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

TK Nizamia Culture Week 2014


Indonesia is a country that has many islands and has a lot of cultures that we need to know and learn about. Based on the richness of Indonesian culture, TK Nizamia Andalusia present Culture Week 2014 “RAGAM PERMATA NUSANTARA” that we arrange for 2 weeks.

Each class level presented one island in Indonesia:
  • Bali by Avicenna
  • Sumatera by Averoes
  • Jawa by Aigazel
  • Sulawesi by Alfarabi

During this programme, each class had the opportunity to visit another class. In touring activity, the children learned the culture or each island that they visited. And they even had the opportunity to taste the kinds of food from each island.
Each class performed dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and also fashion show. There was something special in this culture week; the parents participated eagerly on the performance day by dancing Poco-Poco together.

Alhamdulillah, the performance was successful and everyone had a great fun on that day. We greatly thanked the parents for their participation and made the event more special. Insya Allah next year, there will be something more fun and enjoyable for everyone in Culture Week event. See you next year…!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holiday Experience

What A Great Holiday!!

By Pak Enjat
This holiday was cold and wet because it’s rainy season. Eventhough it was cold, we still went to Cipanas. What a cold place as well!

Cipanas is a cold place. It is also a nice because there are rice fields and rivers. The place is quiet, not only in the afternoon but also at night. In the morning, we took a walk around the city. We saw the sun rose in the morning between two mountains. It was such a wonderful view.

We took delman to go around the city. Cipanas has many splendid views and the air is so fresh. We also met some nice people there…

My wife cooked lunch for us in the kitchen. We were planning to have lunch near the river. While my wife was cooking, our son played with the cat.

We had many activities there… we really enjoyed having lunch near the river. I think it’s my favourite activity during this holiday. We were having lots of conversation and we  laughed together. We had such a great fun!

Holiday Experience

My Untold Story

By ibu Lani
It is time to have fun during holiday. I felt so happy because I spent my time with my sons, my husband and my big family. I went to my father’s house in Cilangkap, Bogor. There I cooked tempe, fried chicken, kolak and many others. I also shared stories and I really enjoyed it.
During my holiday, suddenly I remembered a funny story from my student. It happened a year ago. I had a student who was funny, cute and he was never bored to share funny stories with his teachers. So this is the story….
Usually every morning in Alfarabi class, we teach the children to read.  Bu Ichas was my partner at that time and she taught English reading and I taught Bahasa Indonesia reading.

I was teaching this boy about vowels in Bahasa Indonesia such as a,e,I,o and u. there were pictures beside the vowels, for example a for ayam, I for ikan, u for udang, o for obeng. When he read the last vowel ‘e’, he read e for harimau, I said it was not correct. He smiled at me and tried to correct it. Suddenly he replied e for buntut, then he said, am i right bu Lani? I said No, I told him that e is for ekor and we both laughed. At that moment I thought he was just guessing. I will never forget him and his story.

Short Story

When Octa broke a Promise
by Ibu Lily

Once upon a time, threre was an Octopus who lived in the deep blue sea. His name is Octa the Octopus. But, look at his face…..ooh he looked so sad. What happened to him? Let’s find out..

One day, Octa the Octopus saw a lot of fishes playing together. They were having so much fun playing together. And Octa the Octopus would like to play with them too…

“Hi friends…..can I play with you?” said Octa. “sure” said the fishes. And then they were playing together. They played untill night time..

But suddenly Octa the Octopus remembered something. “O..o”.. oh dear, I forgot that I had to help my mom to buy bread in the market!!

When Octa arrived at home, he was afraid to see his mom because he had broken the promise. “mmm….forgive me mom, I broke my promise. I played with my friends until night time. His mom was mad to Octa and she wanted Octa not to do it again because it is not good to break a promise.

Now, he knows that it is not good to break a promise that he already made. And Octa the Octopus won’t break the promise again.

Chibi Giant Man