Thursday, March 20, 2014

TK Nizamia Culture Week 2014


Indonesia is a country that has many islands and has a lot of cultures that we need to know and learn about. Based on the richness of Indonesian culture, TK Nizamia Andalusia present Culture Week 2014 “RAGAM PERMATA NUSANTARA” that we arrange for 2 weeks.

Each class level presented one island in Indonesia:
  • Bali by Avicenna
  • Sumatera by Averoes
  • Jawa by Aigazel
  • Sulawesi by Alfarabi

During this programme, each class had the opportunity to visit another class. In touring activity, the children learned the culture or each island that they visited. And they even had the opportunity to taste the kinds of food from each island.
Each class performed dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and also fashion show. There was something special in this culture week; the parents participated eagerly on the performance day by dancing Poco-Poco together.

Alhamdulillah, the performance was successful and everyone had a great fun on that day. We greatly thanked the parents for their participation and made the event more special. Insya Allah next year, there will be something more fun and enjoyable for everyone in Culture Week event. See you next year…!

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