Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Story (first day at school)

Annas Surdyanto
Al Biruni Blue Teacher

Today is the first day I become a class teacher in Nizamia Andalusia Elementary School. It feels so interesting to play with students here. This school activities which are always started by reciting do’a bring me to the heaven surroundings. These kids offer something different to my worlds when they recite do’a and expectation in learning.
I find the future of Indonesia in this school. Ya, this education is facilitated completely and well organized. This kind of education is not merely note-taking activities but in actions and real-activities.

Islamism, Nationalism, and Internationalism are three pillars basically stand under this school. Islamism teaches children to have a beautiful moral to improve the human quality. It omits differences of human being so that all people in the world are living in the same degree but their faith distinguish each of them in God views. Nationalism relies children the spirit of principle of the country of Garuda based on Pancasila by which they have been omitted these current days. It brings a unity of numerous varieties of this country such as tribes, races, religions, etc. Moreover, internationalism teaches children to have a world class competence and interact over the world. This three pillars is completely meet the needs of this global era and the demands of human being. So that's all the story of the first day of mine. Ganbatte!! ^_^
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