Thursday, January 23, 2014

Short Story

When Octa broke a Promise
by Ibu Lily

Once upon a time, threre was an Octopus who lived in the deep blue sea. His name is Octa the Octopus. But, look at his face…..ooh he looked so sad. What happened to him? Let’s find out..

One day, Octa the Octopus saw a lot of fishes playing together. They were having so much fun playing together. And Octa the Octopus would like to play with them too…

“Hi friends…..can I play with you?” said Octa. “sure” said the fishes. And then they were playing together. They played untill night time..

But suddenly Octa the Octopus remembered something. “O..o”.. oh dear, I forgot that I had to help my mom to buy bread in the market!!

When Octa arrived at home, he was afraid to see his mom because he had broken the promise. “mmm….forgive me mom, I broke my promise. I played with my friends until night time. His mom was mad to Octa and she wanted Octa not to do it again because it is not good to break a promise.

Now, he knows that it is not good to break a promise that he already made. And Octa the Octopus won’t break the promise again.

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