Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holiday Experience

What A Great Holiday!!

By Pak Enjat
This holiday was cold and wet because it’s rainy season. Eventhough it was cold, we still went to Cipanas. What a cold place as well!

Cipanas is a cold place. It is also a nice because there are rice fields and rivers. The place is quiet, not only in the afternoon but also at night. In the morning, we took a walk around the city. We saw the sun rose in the morning between two mountains. It was such a wonderful view.

We took delman to go around the city. Cipanas has many splendid views and the air is so fresh. We also met some nice people there…

My wife cooked lunch for us in the kitchen. We were planning to have lunch near the river. While my wife was cooking, our son played with the cat.

We had many activities there… we really enjoyed having lunch near the river. I think it’s my favourite activity during this holiday. We were having lots of conversation and we  laughed together. We had such a great fun!

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