Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holiday Experience

My Untold Story

By ibu Lani
It is time to have fun during holiday. I felt so happy because I spent my time with my sons, my husband and my big family. I went to my father’s house in Cilangkap, Bogor. There I cooked tempe, fried chicken, kolak and many others. I also shared stories and I really enjoyed it.
During my holiday, suddenly I remembered a funny story from my student. It happened a year ago. I had a student who was funny, cute and he was never bored to share funny stories with his teachers. So this is the story….
Usually every morning in Alfarabi class, we teach the children to read.  Bu Ichas was my partner at that time and she taught English reading and I taught Bahasa Indonesia reading.

I was teaching this boy about vowels in Bahasa Indonesia such as a,e,I,o and u. there were pictures beside the vowels, for example a for ayam, I for ikan, u for udang, o for obeng. When he read the last vowel ‘e’, he read e for harimau, I said it was not correct. He smiled at me and tried to correct it. Suddenly he replied e for buntut, then he said, am i right bu Lani? I said No, I told him that e is for ekor and we both laughed. At that moment I thought he was just guessing. I will never forget him and his story.

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