Sunday, December 8, 2013


“Masya Allah, are you ok Maisy?” that is what Devaro said as Charlie when SD Nizamia Andalusia played shortplay competition held by Smarty Ants in @america, Pacific Place on November 8th 2013.The shortplay scripted Maisy Goes to the Hospital was played by seven unique children of the second grade students. They are Freya as Maisy, Nadya as Dotty, Devaro as Charlie, Athar as Tallullah, Aqila as Nurse, Bunga as Cyril, and Xavier as a doctor.
It was not that easy to have children played amazingly on the stage. Day by day in the last week before competition was held we used to do the rehearsal. I saw how they wanted eagerly to be the winner and I personally was sure that they would break a leg.
Moreover, parents had a very essential role in this competition. They prepared many things needed for their children and made it perfectly. Bu Dini, the principal also gave the real example about how to act as  a Maisy.
Fifteen minutes before the show time, we sat in and prayed. Some people looked and smiled at us. We also saw  other groups and their properties. For sure, it made our heart beating a little. Now, time for us to show, these great children had lined up on the stage with Ibu Novita (Freya’s Mom) as Narrator. They said salam then action. You can see how these children tremendously play the shortplay on this video:

Alhamdulillah, that was what Allah said. The harder you practice, the better result you will have. We won the competition and were very happy. So what we can learn from this story is the way these children act that actually in this life we also act and have a role to be a winner then it depends on what we do since today and forward.
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